Métrica Comunicación is involved and committed to the needs and communication objectives of its clients from the outset. In this way, Metrica Comunicacion always seeks to capitalize on his successes, helping them to build and strengthen their corporate reputation.



Métrica Comunicacion offers a wide range of services, always oriented to the core of your business: communication. The services are diverse: external communication, internal communication, public affairs, crisis management, traditional media monitoring, media training and crisis simulation workshops, media auditing and stakeholder mapping.

External communication

We help our clients to reach their communication objectives, always in line with their core of operation and their philosophy. To this end, we develop an annual communication plan, according to the situation, tools, objectives and agreed strategies.

The annual communication plan contemplates the schedule and budgeted tactics of our clients, as well as:

  • Strategy development
  • Elaboration of corporate documents
  • Preparation and execution of tactics

Internal communication

  • Creation of strategy and execution of internal communication campaigns.
  • Strategy and management of collaborative platforms such as Facebook’s Workplace.
  • Production of content for internal channels.

Public affaires

We design strategies to optimize our client´s communication and relationship with the public authorities.

We have segmented the different powers of the state and its members, this keeps us constantly informed about their activities.


Social Responsibility

We support and advise our clients in strengthening their community relations with the various target groups: Authorities (national, regional and local), users, opinion leaders and population in general by Integrating business management with respect for ethical values, the community, and the environment.

Media monitoring

We track 24 hours a day all the information of interest of our clients that is emitted in the traditional media (TV, radio and press) and in the nontraditional (Internet and social networks), thanks to our alliance with one of the main monitoring companies in the country.

We prepare and send daily bulletins with news related to our clients, their competence, the economy and the politics.

We design special reports, with quantitative and qualitative analysis, as often as our customers require.

Media Training

We train the main spokespersons of the companies and institutions so that they can successfully confront the media.

We offer two workshops:

  • Media Training: We teach the main executives about the behavior of the media, their motivations, scope and interests.  We also prepare them to successfully confront interviews and press conferences through.
  • Crisis Simulation Workshop: «We Manufacture» in real time a crisis that can seriously affect the reputation of a company to observe the development of executives in front of this.


We develop qualitative studies that measure the opinion leaders’ perception about the companies, people or institutions that we advise.

Prevention and Crisis Management

We design strategies to avoid crises and to learn how to confront them. With every client, we develop a manual on prevention and crisis management, that reflects the spirit of the company and lists the steps to follow. It contemplates conformation of crisis committee, elaboration of official documents, publication of notices, contact with interest groups and public statements.

We accompany our clients with permanent personal advice for as long as necessary

Political and Economic Report

We developed a monthly report where we shared the latest political and economic events about our country.

Also, we analyzed what could be the panorama for next month.


The Métrica Comunicación team is made up of professionals from different fields (Communication, Law, Economics, among others) with a solid academic background and extensive experience. The diversity of the team enhances the weight of the experience as well as the innovation and dynamism of youth, allowing it to successfully address new trends in public relations.