The knowledge and experience, of almost two decades, of Métrica Consultoria in the various industries that exist in our country, has made that the projects that we have executed with our clients over the years have allowed having tangible impacts in the success of their business.



Métrica Consultoria has more than 16 years of experience in commercial consultancy and designing of marketing and sales strategies.

Positioning strategies

Definition of the value proposition for the brand or company. The groups to be targeted are identified and then the positioning strategy is defined based on functional, emotional and self-expression benefits.

Branding Strategies

This strategy allows defining the trademark architecture with the aim of:

  • Establishing a coherent relationship between the corporate, business, divisional and products/services levels, considering the vision, values, and positioning of the company.
  • Enhance the value of brands and reinforce the image of the entity.
  • Ensure that the «equities» of the marks are transferred reciprocally and retained over time.

Development of commercial talent

Design and implementation of integrated training programs for sales forces, commercial teams or marketing areas.


Marketing Planning

Marketing is the driving force for customer satisfaction. Our marketing services are the following:

  • Design of the commercial organization
  • Analysis and quantification of the market
  • Commercial audits
  • Evaluation and management of brands
  • Marketing Plan
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Product launches

Business Evaluation Plan

It includes business activity analysis and possible investment levels, whether in the acquisition of a business in progress or in the creation of a new business unit.

Sales and Distribution

The objective of our service is to evaluate the efficiency and deficiencies of the distribution system through:

  • Plan of coverage
  • Analysis of management efficiency indicators.
  • Implementing a system of motivation and remuneration for the sales team.
  • Analysis of the sales team´s capabilities.
  • Implementing a sales team´s evaluation and control system.

Media Strategies

It includes the definition of the message brief based on the target group and the company´s positioning.

To achieve this, the message strategy is established according to the expected reaction in the target audience and the accuracy with the  ATL and BTL media plan. As well as its impact in terms of range, TGRPs, frequency, among other measuring mechanisms.


The Métrica´s consultancy team is made up of highly competent and trustworthy professionals, with a solid academic background and experience, which allows them to offer effective solutions for their clients and their needs.