Métrica Digital is born as a need to support our clients to create strategies in the digital world. PR and digital marketing are key elements in our communication strategies.

We try and refine our digital content to make sure it’s new, shareable and relevant to the audiences our clients need to reach.



Métrica Digital is born to provide our clients our expertise in understanding people, creating content and disseminating it on their own digital channels. We have a team with ample experience to develop creative and measurable strategies in the digital space.

Communication and Digital development

  • Creation and execution of digital campaigns.
  • Elaboration of contents according to the target.
  • Management of digital platforms: Community manager.
  • Direct communication with influencers for specific campaigns: product launches, anniversaries, among others.
  • Creation of monthly conversational calendars for both the brand and its ambassadors
  • Development of personal social networks for leaders of the organization.

Digital Crisis Management

Métrica Digital will be attentive in order to prevent and/or confront any kind of crisis of communicational nature that occurs in social networks. We are prepared to build an action plan for each particular case.

  • There will be a risk identification process and an analysis of vulnerabilities to try to prevent any potential crises.
  • The corporate protocols will be analyzed in order to be aligned with the company’s messages.
  • Our clients will have the complete support of the communication Métrica team.


Online Reputation Management

Influencers Mapping. The analysis is carried out depending on the company’s target, as well as the characteristics of the Influencers: demographic profile of its followers, reach, degree of influence, engagement, among others.

There are initiatives related to the main players of the digital platforms in order to build lasting relationships. Concrete actions are proposed so our client can get the correct approach to their digital stakeholders.

Monitoring, Consulting and Active Listening

We offer permanent monitoring of social networks in order to be aware of what is said about our clients and their competition as soon as it is said.

We offer permanent advice so that the best decisions are taken at the right time. Our almost 10 years of consulting experience are our best presentation letter.

Digital Communication for Leaders

Development of personal social networks for the organization leaders.

Creation of monthly conversational calendars for ambassadors.

Means paid for specific cases and when the situation warrants.

Internal communication

Creation of strategy and execution of internal communication campaigns.

Strategy and management of collaborative platforms such as Facebook’s Workplace.

Production of content for internal channels.


The Metrica Digital team is made up of highly competent and reliable professionals, with a solid academic background and experience, which allows them to offer effective solutions for their clients and their needs.