FPC-National public collection: “Campaña Ponle Corazón”

The Peruvian Cancer Foundation (FPC) is a non-profit organization that has organized for 33 years the annual ‘ Ponle Corazon ‘ collection. The money raised during the collection is destined to the payment of the accounts of medicines, prostheses, treatment, transport (towards Lima and provinces), support in the doctors’ training to improve patient care and the maintenance of the home Frieda Heller.

The collection took place in July on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th, 2015. We worked in 21 cities, counting on the participation of more than 5.000 volunteers, who had 18.000 cans to reach the goal: 1 500 000 soles.

Thanks to the public relations and communication plan that was implemented, «Ponle Corazón» 2015 became, officially, the first campaign in the history of the FPC to overcome the figure of the million and half Peruvian Soles (were raised S/. 1 565 185, which is equivalent to 72% more than it collects In 2014), and the second to reach the goal in the 33 years in which the collection is taking place. It should be mentioned, however, that the goal in the previous 32 editions was 1 million Peruvian Soles, so the merit of the 2015 edition is much more significant.

It was also the most widely disseminated campaign in the 33 years in which it has been carried out, surpassing in 106% the impacts achieved in comparison with 2014.

According to estimates from the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC), in Peru 100,000 people live with cancer today.

Media Strategy

The media strategy was divided into four pillars:

  1. Relationship with media and companies. In coordination with the general management of the FPC, MC sought the support of the directors and producers of the media, as well as the management of the most important companies of the country so that they were committed to support «Ponle Corazon» through diffusion and donations.
  2. Press conference. A campaign launching conference was organized, where the beginning of the collection was massively disseminated within the framework of the annual actions of the Peruvian Cancer Foundation.
  3. Press and dissemination management. After the conference, the objective was to put the issue of the fight against cancer and the importance of the collection «Ponle Corazon» in the news agenda of the media, managing interviews and sending to the press documents and information about the FPC and the campaign.
  4. EEG, a famous Peruvian reality show, on the other hand, started inviting the public to collaborate two weeks before the collection was held. The program designed a variety of challenges to raise money. In addition, his main characters conducted interviews and commercials during the same program counting his motivation to support the cause.
  5. Days of the collection. On July 16 and 17th, a series of interviews were managed at the different collection points. In addition, we had the help of several celebrities so that they could generate interest in the press.


  1. The 2014 collection was exceeded by 72%: S/. 1 565 185 were collected. 
  2. The media coverage obtained in 2014 was exceeded by 106%.
  3. 131 impacts were obtained in the media.