P&G Peru reinforces its commitment to the country by turning 60 years old

P&G served 60 years in Peru in January 2016. Anniversaries are the perfect milestone to strengthen the company’s reputation in the countries in which it operates, but in this case coincided with a harsh situation: El Niño phenomenon was announced, so disasters and emergencies were expected in the north of the country.

Due to this unfortunate situation, P&G decided to celebrate its anniversary by telling its history through its brands, its innovation and its commitment to the communities, including the P&G water purifier. The anniversary narrative, advertising pieces and executions focused on brands to reinforce the company’s attributes:

“A company I can trust, which produces top quality brands; One of the most innovative companies in the world that improves the lives of its consumers in small but significant moments, a company committed to the Communities”.

As part of the celebration activities, P&G tried to give back to the country the support it has been receiving for more than 6 decades, helping through its volunteer activities and its innovation in cleanliness to those who need it most. This was made through a large volunteer activity in a school in Lima and the donation of more than 454,000 water purifier envelopes P&G (equivalent to more than 4.5 million liters of water) to the Ministry of Health, as part of its support to the prevention campaigns that were carried out in the north of the country by the devastating consequences of the El Niño phenomenon.

The purpose of P&G is to touch and improve people’s lives every day, today and for generations to come. P&G celebrates 60 years in Peru innovating, developing products with the aim of touching people’s lives in small but meaningful moments every day and, thus, improve their day. P&G  is present in almost every household in Perú with at least one of its brands and has a leading position in the categories of hair care, shaving machines and fabric softeners through its leading brands Pantene ®, Head & Shoulders ® , Gillette ®, among others.


  • Quantity of P&G water purifier envelopes delivered: More than 454,000 (equivalent to 4.5 million liters of water).
  • Number of families benefited: More than 10000 families located in Tumbes, Piura and Loreto.