SIDERPERU case: Foundry of seized weapons converted into recreational spaces in Chimbote, an alliance with Sucamec.

Siderperu represents a historical icon in Chimbote, the official motto of the city is «Capital of fishing and steel». There are very few chimbotanos that have no relationship with the company, given its long history (more than 60 years) and the extent of its operation, which has always generated progress and work for the population.

More than 10 years ago, Siderperu was privatized after the purchase by the Brazilian company Gerdau, the leader in the manufacture of long steels in America; However, one of the main objectives has always been that Siderperu does not lose that huge connection with the population of Chimbote.

Social responsibility is a great pillar for Siderperu, which already has more than 10 programs going on, investing more than USD 500,000 annually and benefiting thousands of Chimbotanos. However, the company is always open to continue to cooperate with the development of society.

A strategic alliance was achieved between Siderperu and the SUCAMEC (national Superintendence of Control of Security services, weapons, ammunition and explosives of civil use), whose function is to decide the final destination of the seized civilian weapons of use. This alliance consisted of Siderperu´s commitment to melting the weapons that SUCAMEC seizes in its interventions. It is thus, that between 2015 and 2016, 13000 weapons were melted.

With the steel obtained from the melting, Siderperu built a playground and another area of mini gyms, which are being used by Chimbote.

It was a milestone in the history of Peru, since, SUCAMEC destroyed 3.000 firearms in the city of Chimbote with the support of a private company for the first time.

In addition, these acts of destruction are unprecedented as the number of weapons destroyed is the largest in the history of civil-use gun control entities in Peru.

Never before in the country, a private company had collaborated with the State to eliminate such a number of firearms, and in addition, it has collaborated with the environment by recycling these metals. On the other hand, this recycled material was used in a positive way with the elaboration of the two public spaces and of healthy recreation.


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